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King Healthy | Kingshealthy เพียวไวท์ ลดน้ำหนัก mlm รายได้เสริม

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Elements of Our Company

Mr. Roongroj Jakchairungrueng
(Company President and Establisher)

              Kings Healthy Company has been established on March 1st 2010 aiming to found up a strong Network Business. With outstanding vision and broad perspective, Mr. Roongroj cooperated with Mr.Noptheera Yindee deciding to establish up the company. The purpose is to encourage people in every field and social background to find out their effective business door gate. The Network is basically distinctive in its own way, providing and sharing the easy and reachable business strategy for everyone. By all mentioned above altogether with unique business plan, the company will surely make it to the front page in no time.
Furthermore, our strong points are the financial stability, fast modern technology, and our own factory. Our products can answer all customers’ modern life as well as daily needs; health, beauty, cosmetic, fertilizer, agriculture, and so on. To make you feel safe and reassured, every process of production is deliberately examined and qualified by various field experts, as well as could be linked and connected altogether via


 Khun Noptheera    Yindee
Presidential Executive
Khun Krit  Sriwarom
      Vice Presidential Executive

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Line : healtoffice
Line : healtoffice

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